Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 10 Things Kids Do Better Than Grown Ups

I'm feeling a bit frustrated by the adult world at the moment so I've decided to compile a list of what kids do better than us adults.  I'm speaking primarily of toddlers and preschoolers for this particular post.  Maybe we can all take a lesson or two from them.

1.  Their shit may stink, but at least it's easy to clean up.   Well for the most part anyway.  Unlike the shit adults deal with which never seems to go away.

2.  Their games are always intended to be fun.  Unlike the games adults play to manipulate other adults into doing what they want.

3.  They say what they mean.  Even when they don't quite have the verbal skills to express it precisely, there is very little guessing at their intentions.  Even when you must litterally guess, you only have to go through the list of basic neccessities to figure it out: food, sleep, drink, medical attention, entertainment.

4.  They do not have to hold back their love.  It's full on, whole heart, no need for all or nothing because it's always ALL their love.

5.  They do not worry about abstract problems that don't exist in real time or affect them directly.   They do not wonder what the world would be like if animal crackers did not exist or what would happen to their poop if potties had not been invented.

6.  They take true JOY in life.  A walk in the park, a favorite story, cuddling on the couch with mommy, playing with a friend, bathing in our birthday cake icing.  NOBODY enjoys life's simple pleasures like a child.

7.  While they may feel possessive about a toy, they eventually remember there are many other toys to play with.  I watched my daughter and nephew have a blast playing with clothes pins the other day.  Fun is wherever you are, because you make it yourself.  Adults hold tight to their possessions as an outward symbol of their status in this world, but you know what they say "you can't take it with you..."

8.  They do not yet feel compelled to fit ALL that they are into the small box the world intends to stuff you into.  Cowboy boots with a ballerina tutu, sure looks great. 

9.  They have no FEAR of failure.  They simply do or don't do things, but they don't worry about potentially doing something wrong, sometimes to the extreme of being paralyzed into doing nothing at all.

10.  The BEST thing kids do better than adults, they REMIND US on a daily basis, that once upon a time WE WERE THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES, long before we became self-involved, fear driven, jaded, and apethetic. THEY ARE THE BEST PART OF US. 

The saying goes, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."  BUT maybe if we wise up one day, we can UNLEARN all the NEW BAD HABITS, look to our children and find the inspiration to be BETTER, do BETTER...Find happiness in every moment life is willing to offer up...because NONE of know when that offer is going to be taken off the table.

Got a reason not on the list, please share it.

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