Saturday, January 21, 2012

Motherhood Turned Career

I've spoke about my opinion on this subject before, that I think motherhood should be viewed as a career.  Now I've actually gone and done it.  I'm now co-owner of a daycare with my best friend and it certainly is Motherhood times 10.  I now kind of understand what it must be like to have triplets as there are 3 babies to care for every day, plus my two, plus 6 year old twins after-school.

I love that I get to wear jeans and a sweatshirt to work, not to mention the fluffier and funnier looking the socks the better.  I'm the anti-fashionista and I like it this way.  Sure I spend most days with some degree of snot, spit up or other bodily fluid on me, and sure I got an accidental hand full of poop when one of the babies was carefully concealing a poop splosion, but I just can't help but laugh about it afterward. It's not anything different than I've encountered during my four years as a mom.  Even when there are 3 babies crying I have a great friend there to help me laugh off any feelings of being overwhelmed. 

I think it's safe to say that I've slipped into my new career quite seamlessly.  I went from sitting in my cubicle like veal to feeling fresh air (weather permitting of course), playing games, reading stories, and hanging out with some pretty cool little people, not that I don't miss some of the co-workers I no longer see.  As expected, the pay is not all I dreamed it would be, but we're working on it.  All the stress that I had before has melted away and I never worry about getting in trouble for talking to my co-worker too much.  I don't have to sit through any more awkward annual reviews where I try to play up my awesomeness to people who don't really care all that much about me anyway.  Not to mention that every day is take your children to work day. 

If anything it's made me a better mother.  I've really watched and helped my children acquire new skills.  Hannah has started reading and she works on writing her letters every day.  She is using scissors well and has found a love for putting puzzles together.  My son has found new children to give hugs to and play with besides his big sister.  Sure we're on our second nasty cold in two months and both kids got their very first ear infections last week (in both ears), but hopefully their immune systems will be equipped to handle the onslaught of germs they'll encounter when they start school.

I used to think that if I just made more money and had more time off then I'd be happy in my career.  But here I am making less money,working 10 plus hours a day and I couldn't be happier.  I sleep like a baby at night and I never ever worry about what the new day will hold for me.  I know any stress I feel will quickly be replaced with laughter.  I can pull my kids in for a snuggle whenever I want.  I can snuggle little babies and know with 99 percent certainty that I will never again have baby fever.  We do need more kids enrolled because life is still life and there are always bills that need to be paid, but at least know I know that I won't have to pay with my sanity.