Sunday, July 29, 2012

When Bigger Is Not Better and Free Is Expensive

So my husband and I had this great idea to take our kids to the Bronx Zoo as a part of our staycation this year.  It was the first trip for all of us so I was really excited.  Being on a budget, I thought it was great that Wednesdays are free days, well better known as suggested donation day for those that have more wiggle room in their budgets than we do.  Unfortunately, to see many of the exhibits we wanted to see we had to pay extra for the "ultimate experience."  So for this we shelled out a little over $50, which sadly is a bargain compared to what they normally charge.

Well it was an experience alright.  Now I truly understand where the expression "that place was a zoo" came from.  There were literally more people than animals and I hate to say it but there was far too little use of deodorant for such a hot July afternoon.  My need for personal space and fresh air made me feel very claustrophobic at times.  We waited through lines at many free exhibits only to find no animals that were willing to venture into public view.  Maybe the heat and smell were getting to them as well.

We spent hours walking around lost and desperate to cover the vast expanse of park that separated the exhibits.  We missed a lot but did managed to make it to about 3 of the 6 total experience exhibits we had paid for.  The gorillas were cool and my kids did get a kick out of the 4D Dora movie we waited half an hour to see.  My kids had a good time, but I think the hubby and I will look for a zoo a little smaller and closer to home next time.  We had an experience that was ok, but definitely not the "ultimate experience" we paid big bucks for.  It goes to show you that sometimes bigger is not better and "free" is anything but.

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